I'm Ashley



I'm a photographer who's drawn to nature and connections between human beings.  I believe in real, genuine moments that make your heart feel warm and fuzzy.  When booking a session with me, be prepared to give your loved one lots of attention.  I want you to leave the session feeling more loved than you did when you arrived!

There's something magical about the landscape we have here in Eastern, KY. There's nothing more beautiful than being on a mountaintop overlooking a valley, with the sun setting, casting an enticing golden light over the hills.  Thusly, my work is very bright, colorful and nature driven!  I draw so much inspiration from places that are untouched by mankind.  I want to show the beauty of these hills in all of your photographs.

I can't express how grateful I am to have a job that allows me have fun, meet new people and capture love in all of its variety.

Quick Facts!

-Ramen is the only thing I can cook.

- The Office is LIFE!

- Pizza is also LIFE.

- I treat animals and humans the same.

- I dream of owning a farm and a wedding venue.

- I believe peoples feelings matter more than their opinions.

- I'm still afraid of the dark.


What inspires me?

- Genuine emotion

- Human connection

- Laughter

- Nature

- Golden hour light

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