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Choosing a photographer can be very scary and intimidating. When you look into a camera, I totally understand how vulnerable it makes you feel. You never know how to tilt your head or if your smile looks awkward. And you NEVER know what to do with your hands. Trust me, I get it. It can be so weird. I'll direct you every step of the way. I'll tell you when things look weird or if your hair gets wild. I'll share all of my tips and secrets on how to flatter your body. I've got your back! I want you to look and feel fabulous in all of your images.

I try to get all of my clients to be comfortable with me before I even pick up my camera. I'm always 100% myself with you! At the end of the day, I not only want to be your photographer, but your friend. I know planning for a wedding or an engagement session can be stressful. I want you to rely on me when you cant decide what shoes will match your dress. Or if you don't know know how to match your centerpieces with your invitations. I can help! Let me in your corner and ill fight for you!

Look through my gallery and blog. If you think my style matches your vision, feel free to contact me! I love meeting new people. :)

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